The Do's and dont's of Used oil

We  recommend that:

- That you ensure barrels / drums are stored in a secure area - Theft of Waste Oil is on the increase in our areas.

- The maximum temperature you fill your barrel  should be no more than 60°C. Hot Oil will weaken and eventually melt the barrel / drum leading to hazardous spillages.

- If you have to move your barrel leave time for oil to cool before moving doing so  to avoid risk of burning.

- You use protective clothing and gloves where necessary.

- You are proactive and arrange for your collection by us in good time, usually when your barrel is approximately 3/4 full.

- You retain your “Controlled Waste Transfer Note” for at least 2 years as this is a legal requirement.

Please click here for the Catering Information Sheet for "Safety during emptying and Cleaning of Fryers" 

*Please follow HSE guidance when filling the barrels with oil, which states that when you carry out manual emptying and filtering of fryers  the oil has been cooled to 40°C or below.