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caterwrap 450m catering cling film

Caterwrap Catering sized cling Film

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Available by the roll or per pack of 6


This Caterwrap cling film is ideal for wrapping  sandwiches, covering plated meals and for general food protection. The  low migration film provides a soft, flexible covering with high cling  film properties.

This professional catering cling film will keep food  moist and prevent flavour and odour transfer whilst food is stored in  the fridge. Caterwrap cling film is also great for separating small  items such fish, chops, steaks, burgers, cakes etc before overwrapping  into storage bags or boxes for freezing so as they can be removed  individually.

This catering quality cling film can additionally be  used for covering containers and reheating plated meals. 

caterwap 450m catering sized aluminium foil

Caterwrap Catering sized Aluminium Foil

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Available by the roll or per pack of 6


Caterwrap aluminium foil is supplied in a tamper-proof, robust carton to prevent contamination and to ensure easy dispensing.

Ideal for roasting, this catering foil ensures that food is cooked evenly whilst retaining moisture and  flavour. This foil will also provide greater protection from freezer  burn, simply cover food prior to freezing for the best protection.

Wrapping food in foil helps to keep it fresh and allows for greater  flexibility in menu preparation. The use of foil also avoids the risk of  cross contamination from unwrapped, stored food.


Caterwrap catering sized parchement paper roll

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Available by the roll or per pack of 6


Ideal for fat-free baking, Caterwrap Baking Parchment is siliconised on both sides for an easy release, non-stick surface.  There's no longer a need to grease cake tins, baking sheets or the  baking parchment itself with this baking parchment!

This baking parchment has  been specifically developed for use in both cooking and freezing  temperatures. It is suitable for a variety of applications and is widely  used as a lining agent for cake tins, cooking individual meringues,  soufflés, choux pastry, biscuits, buns and rolls.