1 ply catering napkins

1 ply catering napkins

These essential napkins are produced using one layer of tissue and, will be embossed all over. 

 These are Disposable Paper White Napkins 1Ply, size: 30x30cm. These napkins are an  essential food service accompaniment, whether you are at a restaurant,  having breakfast, lunch, takeaway, going to a picnic or having a party.  Can easily be creatively folded in diverse ways to give a beautiful  presentation on any table. A must have for cafes, restaurants, take away  service, bars, pubs and at home

2 ply 33x33 breakfast napkins

2 ply 33x33 breakfast napkins

The eco-friendly paper napkins are soft and ideal to serve snacks and other beverages to guests.  You can use these white 2-ply 4-fold paper napkins on various ocassions  ranging from backyard barbecues, wedding receptions, birthday parties to  corporate functions.  

The white two-ply paper napkins are disposable napkins and can be recycled in a snap.  

These napkins make an economical buy since it is available in bulk packaging of 2000 napkins in one box.  

2ply 40x40 Dinner Napkins

2ply 40x40 Dinner Napkins

These everyday napkins are the UK’s most popular choice. Produced using two layers of tissue, held together by our distinctive edge embossed pattern. 

black cocktail napkin

Black cocktail napkins

Top Item

Poppies Black Cocktail Napkins  2ply

High-quality Black 25cm x 25cm 2 ply napkins supplied in a case of 4000 units.

These napkins are great quality and add the finishing touch to any table.


3ply 40x40 luxury napkin

Client Favourite

These premium napkins are commonly used in dinner settings and give a much thicker feel. Produced using three layers of tissue, held together by our distinctive edge embossed pattern. These 40cm Dinner napkins are available in White and Black


Luxury airlaid tablin 40 napkins

Best Seller

These luxurious Airlaid napkins are perfect for complementing eating establishments that desire that upscale feel. Available in White.