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Market Summary 26th august.

Rapeseed markets have continued to move higher in the past few weeks due to the continued delays in the UK and EU rapeseed harvest and continued strong demand.

Seed prices are easing but still very high, and strong demand will continue to limit any potential fall in prices until the New Year.

Soybean markets have steadied over the past week due to improving weather conditions in the US and concerns over demand due to rising covid cases and lower biodiesel

mandates. There are some ideas that US soybean production could come in higher than expected, depending on yields but we need to see confirmation of this in the coming months.

Palm oil futures continue to be choppy and two sided as there is talk of a recovery in Malaysian Palm oil production this month as well as lower exports which could see

an increase in stocks, after a disappointing July. However, long term direction will depend on a recovery in the coming months but concerns over labour shortages continue

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