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Rapeseed Prices

Crude rapeseed oil prices have risen sharply over the past

week following strong gains in other major vegetable

oil markets and strong demand from both the food and

biodiesel sectors. Support in the biodiesel market is

supported by gains in the crude (mineral) oil market as well

as the necessity to use more liquid oils in the winter months.

Rapeseed oil is also finding more buying interest as it has

gone from being one of the most expensive vegetable oils

to one of the cheapest due to significant gains in the

sunflower oil market as well as recent strength in soyoil,

despite supportive fundamentals with poor production,

very tight stocks which will require record imports for the

coming months. There is more encouraging news in terms

of more optimistic rapeseed production prospects later this

year, which are helped by higher prices and assuming no

weather-related problems this year.

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