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Produced by exciting modern Spanish producers using the latest in  technology this Olive Pomace Oil Blend has a consistent flavour and  guaranteed quality. A mix of 49% refined sunflower oil and 51% olive  'pomace' oil (extracted from the pulp left after the first olive  pressing) is blended together to create a neutral tasting oil. The blend  allows a higher smoke point than pure olive oil making it ideal for all  kinds of cooking. It's buttery, mellow flavour means it will support  but not overpower other ingredients, making it a great base for frying,  dressing and sauces. A cost effective basic ingredient suited for any  kitchen. 

5 Litre Ktc Pomace Blend oil

Client Favourite

5 Litre  ktc Extra Virgin Oilive oil

Extra-virgin olive oil is made from 100% olive juice. These oils are obtained when olives have reached optimum ripeness and the oil is pressed out solely through mechanical means. Extra-virgin olive oil is the highest quality among olive oil. Because the olives are free from defects and picked at peak ripeness, they have excellent flavor and aroma, providing a feast for the senses. Extra-virgin olive oil, besides being a source of monounsaturated fatty acids, provide natural antioxidants such as olive oil polyphenols and vitamin E, which have demonstrated their ability to reduce cholesterol, a risk factor of heart disease.